Cheese Flights

**Currently Unavailable**

Artisan Flight $16

Beemster XO – Cow’s Milk, 26 Month Aged, Butterscotch & Toasted Pecan Flavors, Crunchy Crystalline Structure (Holland)

Nicasio Square – Washed Rind Cheese with Golden Orange Rind and a Distinctive Aroma and Flavor, Reminiscent of Taleggio (California)

Shaft’s Bleu – Wisconsin Blue that is Rich, Creamy & Smooth, Aged for a minimum of 1 year in Gold Mine in Sierra Nevada Mountains (California)

Unpasteurized Raw Milk Flight $16

Manchego El Trigal DOP – Manchega Sheep’s Milk from La Mancha, 8 Month Aged, Buttery (Spain)

Grafton Village Cheddar – Cow’s Milk with Mellow Tartness and Creamy Mouthfeel with Flavors of Fresh Hay and Sweet Milk (Vermont)

Societe Roquefort DOP – Lacaunes Sheep’s Milk, Aged 90 Days in Limestone Caves, Emerald Veining, Creamy, Intense (France)

Premium Milk Flight $20

Bellwether Farms San Andreas – Raw East Friesian Sheep’s Milk, Smooth and Full Flavored, Gamey & Grassy, Pecorino Style (California)

Rogue Caveman Blue Cheese – Cow’s Milk, Rich, Balanced & Robust, Buttery Texture Fruity & Vanilla Notes, Cave Aged for 6 Months (Oregon)

Rogue River Blue Special Reserve – Raw Cow’s Milk, Cave aged For 15 Months, Washed in Pear Brandy and Wrapped in Syrah Leaves – (Oregon)

Served with Noble Bread, Local Honey, Candied Nuts & Assorted Jams