From May, 2009

fresh veggies

first of the year porcinis are year as well as last of the year fiddlehead! beautiful greens and radishes from mcclendon just walked through the door!

head cheese

we had joe bob work with us this past week… he wanted to make head cheese! no one argued. so we’ll have it on the menu some time next week…


kevin ‘man of” steele just dropped off a big ‘ol box of fresh veggies… wild asparagus, baby chard and dirty ramps!


just got back from the farm with baby potatoes, fresh eggs and a nice sunburn!


a box from black mesa ranch just arrived with the first feta of the year!

for the weekend….

beautiful hiramasa coming in friday morning. the last time it came in it was so clean tasting… almost like oysters in how briny it is.  also, the figs are huge, sweet and delicious! i will be pairing them with macro arugula from a local farm!